Monday, February 21, 2011

To Work, or Not to Work...That is The Question

Good evening Readers,

This post obviously is going to be about work (duh) but I did want to comment on something else. I posted a while back that I would be putting more military things on here with me being an Army wife and all. I promise there will be more to come, I am just in a slump right now. At this point we are in limbo with whether or not my husband will have another tour of duty, so for now I am writing about other things.

Have you ever worked with a fellow employee who just didn't do ANYTHING?? I am sure you have because I think we have all been in that situation before. The next question is: what do you do about it? I will go over some of the options that we have either all done, or thought about doing.

1. Do nothing about it. I think this is the most common solution for everyone. You just sit there and stew in your own frustration. You go through all the things you would love to do or say, but don't have the courage to put into action. You don't want to upset the dynamic of the work place and you don't want to be the cause of an uncomfortable situation. I think I do this every single day of my working life. There will be one day when I will unleash all of my fury and let me tell won't be pretty!

2. Vent to fellow employees. This is another common solution. You get to let off some steam without getting that lazy co-worker in trouble. The problem with this is, like the first, it is not really a solution to the problem. It will continue to happen and you will continue to complain about it. This solution can be a double-edged sword. While it lets you release some frustration, you are also bad mouthing your fellow employee to someone who could eventually use it against you. I know this sounds like a lot of drama, but trust me...I know drama. I know it so well because I avoid it at all costs.

3. Talk to your boss. In most situations, I would say this is the best solution. Your boss is really the only person who can correct this outrageous behavior. In my situation, it didn't work. Believe it or not, they know this goes on and they continue to let it happen. So now what am I supposed to do?

4. Talk to the employee in question. This is probably one of the toughest options, for the simple fact that it involves confrontation. Most people would not be able to accomplish this civilly. You know after putting up with it day in and day day all the frustration is gonna blow and it ain't gonna be pretty. How many of us would love to just tell that person exactly what we think about their work ethic? I am jumping up and down and raising my hand right now! Haha. Ok seriously I dream about this option every day. I would bet that most of you readers do the same if you are frustrated with a co-worker. Why doesn't this option work? Because it only causes problems in the work place and in the end, you most likely would get in trouble instead of the lazy co-worker.

5. Quit your job. Doesn't this option sound like the most satisfying 99% of the time? Until you think about all the bills that are coming due. I love the quit scene in the movie Half-baked...

Side note: if you haven't seen this should check it out! So while we would all love to do this, we gotta think about paying the bills.

My question to you is: What are some things your co-workers do that infuriate you? What do you do about it? You can answer this in the comment section!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Tax Time

Good evening Readers,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life gets hectic sometimes. So it is tax time again...ugh!

I was actually excited about getting my taxes done this year. Last year we got a TON of money back and I was expecting the same this year. Turns out we got less than a fifth of what we got last year. It took all my strength not to cry when we were getting our taxes prepared. (I am NOT a cry baby! I have pms and I am super emotional haha) I was just looking forward to having that extra money in the bank and now it ain't gonna happen. I was also looking forward to sitting on the beach and drinking margaritas, but that ain't gonna happen either.

Ok now I have to rant a little bit and I will apologize ahead of time if I offend anyone. Me and my husband both work 40+ hours a week. I have worked a full time job since I graduated high school. So for 5 years now I have been working full time. There were times where I barely managed to pay my bills, but I survived. I am so sick and tired of seeing all these young girls popping babies out left and right and then living off OUR tax money that we pay into the government. If you are young and wanna pop out a few bambinos and can afford to take care of my guest. If you are just dumb and don't know how to keep your legs closed...there is a thing called BIRTH CONTROL!!!

So when we were getting our taxes prepared (and I was trying not to let my tears of frustration flow) the tax lady told us something very interesting. Apparently if you are a regular working class citizen such as myself, you get $1000 per child you have. Since I don't have any, I didn't get that money. If you are a low income get $3500 per child!! So basically we pay all this money into taxes and the people who don't wanna work get it. Now I am not talking about everyone. I know there are people out there who honestly try and I commend you for that. If you work for a living and do everything you can and still need help, then I don't mind that. What I think is bull crap is the people who just freeload off the government because they know they can. I know quite a few people who do this and it makes me want to smack some sense into them.

So back to my story...the tax lady told us this woman came in to get her taxes done. She has 3 children and only made $12,000 last year. She ended up getting over $9,000 back on her taxes!! So by the end of the year...she ended up making a few thousand short of what I make working 40 hours a week every week. Heck why don't we all just quit our jobs and work part time somewhere and just live off government assistance. This may sound harsh, but I just get sick and tired of it.

Here's another example: When I was in high school, I had all intentions of going to college. Well come to find out, my parents made too much money so I couldn't get any government assistance with college. My only option was to take out student loans and I didn't want to be in debt for the rest of my life. I tried to explain to them that I was living on my own. (I moved out when I was 18). They said it didn't matter that I was on my own, it still goes by your parent's salary. So my parents couldn't afford to send me to college and the government wouldn't help me no college for me. I know this sounds like a pity party, but middle income people seem to get no breaks in life. You make too much to get help with anything, but you barely make enough to squeak by in life.

So now that I have completely gotten off the subject I will end this post. So the woman that probably barely worked all year got back a lot more money than we did on our taxes. Am I jealous? maybe, but I think I have a right to be. They take a ton of money out of my checks every week and they end up giving it to the "low income" people. What about us regular folks just trying to pay our bills every month? Between paying federal, state, medicare, medicaid and property taxes...I think I should be considered low income too!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

How to get Incredible Lashes


We all want them, we all strive to get them, but few of us actually achieve greatness. What is this you may ask? Incredible, show-stopping, thick, long lashes.

Well I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I am going to share those with you.

1. First and foremost...always curl your lashes! I know a lot of ladies who skip this step, but trust me, it makes a difference.

Here's a little tip you may not know: Get your blow dryer out and warm up your eyelash curler before using it. (Make sure it is not so hot it burns you!) Then curl your lashes. Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference when it is heated up.

Another little trick with the curler...don't just curl by the base of the lashes. Start there, then slowly move up the lashes and curl as you go. This will put an even more dramatic curl to them.

2. Now this second tip can get a little dangerous if you aren't careful. I keep a needle in my bathroom (yes a needle) and when I apply my mascara, I take that needle and separate any clumps in my lashes. It works way better than any eyelash comb and you can target individual problem spots. So if you try this, be VERY careful. I don't want you poking your eye out! If you try this, you will never have clumpy lashes again.

3. Line your lids. I actually line the inside of my eyelids as well as outside. It makes your lashes look fuller. If you don't like the idea of lining the inside, at least do it by your lash line. It will help to fill in any bare spots and make your eyes pop!

4. Should you believe all the new products out there saying they actually make your lashes grow? Maybe. I am just going to say try it for yourself. I used one that I bought off of a shopping network and it worked ok. I think it just mostly conditioned by lashes, but didn't necessarily make them grow. That was a year or two ago, so they may work better now.

5. I did recently use the mascara called Lash Accelerator. It actually did a decent job. I prefer other mascara because I like more drama to my lashes than that gave me, but I would recommend it. I noticed a little growth to my lashes, so I would say use it during the work week, then use something that has a little more kick to it on the weekend.

6. Ok, so I have to mention false eyelashes on here. I don't use them myself so I have no input on this subject. I tried them once and it just didn't work out for me. I would love some feedback from anyone who does use them though. If you have any tips about how to apply them, just comment below!

7. Another little tip of mine: Apply your mascara and then before it has a chance to dry, apply another coat. This just makes them look like they have a little more volume.

So that concludes my eyelash tips for now. In the future I will also blog about different mascaras that I have tried. (I have tried just about all of them). If you have any comments or questions just let me know!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

Good morning Readers,

The subject for this post is kindness. Yeah, I know it is easier to ignore people who need help, but you shouldn't. I am guilty of this as well because I don't help others as much as I should. I am going to share a true story with you. This happened last night at Walmart. Side note: I love Walmart. It has everything you need plus all the things you never even knew you wanted!

So on to the story...
There was this lady walking out of the store in front of me. She was pulling 2 carts behind her that were fully loaded with groceries. Behind me, was a man and his wife (just assuming they were married). The lady in front was really struggling to pull both carts. So the man behind me goes up to her and says that he will push one of her carts out for her and help her get her groceries in the car. He told his wife that he would meet her at the car and he was going to help this lady.

It was such a simple thing, but it affected me so much. I could have offered to help that lady, but I didn't. Just like most people would not. I was too busy with my own life that I didn't stop to help another person. In the future, I will try to help people more. I am not perfect so I know this will be hard for me.

My question to you do you help others?

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Monday, February 7, 2011

What to do with My Life?

The more days that fly by me, the more I realize I am in the wrong profession. I used to like my job...about 3 years ago. I know everyone gets asked this question when they are growing up, What do you want to be when you grow up?

How many people can actually answer this question? I am 23-years-old and I still don't know what I want to be when I "grow up". In all actuality, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I was a kid. I wanted to be a singer. I love music and lyrics, I just can't hold a tune to save my life haha. So what do you do when your life's dream is stomped out by your own lack of talent?

In my case you become an insurance agent.

It was one of those jobs that just sort of happen to you, and then you can't get out. I have all kinds of things that I would LIKE to do, but the real question is...what will pay the bills? When you are a kid they don't tell you things like paying the utilities or the mortgage payments every month. They say you can be whatever you want, but that is a lie.

I would really like to be a bartender. First of all, you gotta know how to make the drinks. (If it ain't a shot, I most likely don't know how to make it.) Second of all, it's gotta pay the bills, and I am pretty sure that it won't. Lastly, my husband 100% does not approve. So that's a big NO to that lol.

So I have posted before that I am in medical transcription school. Okay, well actually I haven't worked on it in a few months, so I guess it doesn't count anymore. Side note: Online schooling is a bad idea, with no deadlines why would you ever wanna work on it? So I think this could be a promising career choice for the simple fact that I could stay home and work. The more I think about it, the more I think I would be bored to death with it. I mean typing for 8 hours straight? No thanks.

 <-----Looks boring right?

I think I am like everyone else in this world, I just want to do something I like. How many people do you think end up in jobs they actually enjoy? I would say not very many. I would like to be a stay at home mom some day. The only problem with that is, we can't afford that option! So what does that leave me with? A whole lotta things that I would rather not do. I always wanted to be a gymnast, ice skater or singer when I was growing up. Since I have absolutely no talent in any of those...for the meantime I am stuck in my mediocre job.

My question to you is: What did you want to be when you grew up? Did it come true?

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Gift Ideas

Hey Readers,

I thought I would share a few Valentine Gift Ideas in case you can't figure out what to get that special someone in your life! I think I kind gesture is always one of the best gifts you can get. Let me give you an example:

One year, my husband (boyfriend at the time) carved "I love u Jenn" in the snow. Then he colored it in with strawberry syrup so it was pink. I actually have pics, just none on the computer. It was so sweet! Ok so if you are not into that let me give you some other ideas.

From wife to Husband:
1. Any kind of those love coupon books that you can find virtually anywhere. If you buy one of these though, make sure you actually plan on doing what it in there hehe.

2. Racy pictures of yourself. Ok don't freak out...not totally nude, just showing a little skin. Places like Glamour shots get you all prettied up and then take some hot photos!

3. Cook him a nice dinner. On V-day, all the restaurants are packed. So just cook him a nice dinner and eat it by candle light to set the mood. It will be way more intimate than a packed restaurant.

4. Any kind of sexual game, you can find these at adult stores or online. Like I said before just make sure you are willing to play it. Don't get his hopes up ladies and then not follow thru!
I Dare You Game

5. Make him boxers. I did this when my husband was in Iraq. Get some plain white boxers and then go to a craft store and get fabric glue and iron on transfers. Then go to town decorating. I assure you, he will love them.

From Husband to Wife:
1. I already gave you the whole carve in the snow idea.

2. You could take the suggestion from above and make your wife (or girlfriend) a candle lit dinner.

3. Jewelry is always a good way to go as well. Men let me tell you something, If you have been with your lady for more than 3 need to think about popping the question. I can guarantee she isn't gonna stick around forever!

4. A sexy nightie. Just make sure it is something she will feel comfortable wearing!

5. Write her a poem, if you are skilled at that. Even if you aren't she will appreciate the effort. My husband wrote me one once and while it wasn't eloquent, it made me smile.

6. You can always go the flowers and candy route, but I challenge you to be more creative. Put a little initiative into the gift!

7. Make her a coupon book of things you will do for her; such as clean the house, do the dishes, take her out to her choice of date, back rub etc.

8. You can also make an appointment for a couple's massage. This is something you can both enjoy together. Some places will even give discounts around V-day.

There are many other thoughtful things you can do for that special someone in your life. If you guys have any more ideas, just post them in the comments!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Look

Good evening Readers,

For any of you who regularly check back, you may notice a difference. I changed a few things on here, mostly the header on my page. Let me know how you like it!